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Basic Yeast Starter Kit

Our basic yeast starter kit is a perfect way to break into the hobby of making your own yeast starters. Kit comes with a 1000 ml (1 L) flask, 1# of dried malt extract, and a 3-piece airlock with #8 stopper.


Yeast Starter & Stir Plate Kit - 1000 ml

Yeast starters are a great way to increase your yeast health and cell count for higher ABV (alcohol %) beers and lagers. A starter by itself though requires regular agitation to provide oxygen for the little yeasties to multiply, usually accomplished by picking up the flask and swishing it around for a couple minutes. While that method may help increase your bicep size, there is a much easier way, and that's with a magnetic stir plate. A stir plate provides you continuous aeration throughout the day while you're away from the house and will give yeast the best possible environment to multiply in. Kit includes the following:

  • 1000 ml Erlenmeyer flask
  • StirStarter 2L Magnetic Stir Plate & Stir Bar
  • 1 lb of Dried Malt Extract
  • #8 Stopper & 3-piece Airlock
  • Fermcap - this helps to keep the foam (also known as krausen) down to a minimum to help avoid a blow over