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1/2" ID High Temp Silicone Tubing

FDA food grade approved silicone tubing that works great in your brewery for transferring hot wort. Withstands temperatures up to 212° F. Will work great with the March and Chugger brew pumps.

Inner Diameter: 1/2 in.
Outer Diameter: 3/4 in.


1/4" ID Siphon Tubing

This is standard clear tubing with a 1/4" ID (inner diameter) measurement. Customers have been known to use this as blowoff tubing, as it is claimed that it fits well into the grommets on the lids of fermenting buckets. It also works well in connecting certain tubing together by placing the 1/4" tubing inside a larger diameter that fits snugly. Whatever you need it for, we've got it!


5/16" ID Siphon Tubing

This 5/16" inner diameter tubing is most often used for racking and transferring. It will fit snugly onto a regular auto-siphon or racking cane, as well as the mini auto-siphon. Though it can be difficult to get off, some people prefer the tighter fit of the 5/16" tubing to the looser 3/8" tubing because the line does not come off or cavitate during transfers as easily. Whatever you prefer, we've got you covered!


1/2" ID Siphon Tubing

This 1/2" ID (inner diameter) tubing is mainly used for racking and transferring. This size will fit perfectly on a large auto-siphon or racking cane. It is also perfect for making a blowoff assembly with a 3-piece airlock, as the tubing fits perfectly over the center of the airlock, allowing excess yeast and trub to be blown into a vessel filled with water or sanitizer. Always good to have on hand in a pinch.


3/8" ID High Temp Silicone Tubing

High temperature silicon tubing is the perfect tubing to use when dealing with hot wort. It is more inert than standard plastic tubing. This tubing will not melt at boiling temperatures and is safe for use with pumps, or just to drain your hot wort from the boil kettle. This tubing has an inner diameter of 3/8" and can be used with pumps or fittings of equivalent size. It is practically required for larger brewing systems using pumps.


1" ID Siphon Tubing

This 1" ID tubing is most often used as blowoff tubing for fermentations with vigorous krausening and yeast activity. It is the perfect size for sticking directly into the neck of a standard glass carboy. The other end can be led into a jar of water or sanitizer for a quick and easy blowoff tube. We recommend a length of 4 or 5 feet for this purpose. Make your life easier and your cleanups less frequent with a length of this tubing!


3/4" ID High Temp Silicone Tubing

The solution for your high temperature wort problems! High temperature silicon tubing will not melt when used with wort at boiling temperatures. This tubing has an inner diameter of 3/4", which will work wonderfully with pumps that have an inlet of equal size. It can also be used with 3/4" fittings. This is the tubing you need when dealing with large amounts of hot wort!


3/8" ID Siphon Tubing

This 3/8" ID (inner diameter) tubing is most often used for racking and transferring. It fits onto a regular auto-siphon or racking cane, as well as the mini auto-siphon. It is easier to remove and put on, making it easier to clean and work with. It is the siphon tubing preferred by many Great Fermentations customers. Whatever your preference, we've got you covered!


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