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Triple Scale Hydrometer

The Triple Scale Hydrometer is the basic tool used by brewers and vintners worldwide for measuring sugar content, gravity and potential alcohol. The three scales used are specific gravity, Brix and potential alcohol. Simply float this in a sample of liquid and read where the liquid line meets the hydrometer. Make guesswork a thing of the past by taking readings with this triple scale hydrometer every time!


Refractometer Brix & Specific Gravity w/ATC

A refractometer measures the gravity of unfermented wort and wine must, and is a great device for both the home beer and wine maker. Refractometers differ from hydrometers as only a few drops are required for each sample. To use, simply apply 1-2 drops of your wort/must to the device prism (clear glass on the front), close the daylight plate (plastic cover) and press lightly so the liquid covers the entire surface, then look through the lens while aiming it at a light source.

This refractometer provides gravity readings in both Brix (0-32% +/- 0.2% accuracy) and Specific Gravity (1.000-1.120 +/- 0.003 accuracy). The device also has automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for temperatures ranging between 50-86 F (10-30 C), so no need for correcting the reading based on what temperature your liquid is - it does it for you. The readings will only be accurate before fermentation, as the presence of alcohol will throw off the calculation.

The refractometer comes in a protective carrying case and includes one eye dropper as well as a small flat head screw driver for calibration.


Glass Test Jar, 12"

This test jar is 12" tall and made from high-quality glass. It can accommodate a hydrometer for taking gravity and Brix readings for beer, wine, cider, mead...you name it! The plastic base stabilizes the test jar for easy use. Simply use a siphon to acquire a sample, fill the jar about 2/3rds full, place your hydrometer in the liquid and give it a spin! Some people prefer the inert qualities of glass. This is the right test jar for them!


Plastic Test Jar, 14"

This plastic test jar is 14" tall, and is the perfect diameter to accommodate a hydrometer for taking sugar readings for beer, wine, cider, mead...you name it! Simply siphon out a sample and fill the test jar about 2/3rds full, drop your hydrometer in and give it a good spin! Affordable and easy to use, this is a great addition to your brewing and winemaking arsenal!


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