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Indian Sarsaparilla, 2 oz.

Indian Sarsaparilla has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. These days, it has applications in beer making and soda making. Refreshing sarsaparilla soda is made from a root beer type base to which has been added several of many roots and herbs. In beermaking, it can be added at the end of the boil to contribute a root beer-like flavor. It has been suggested to use this in making unique pale ales, amber ales, and porters. Try it and see what you can make!


Sweet Orange Peel, 1 oz.

Sweet orange peel has flavors and aromas similar to domestic Florida oranges without the metallic taste that is sometimes attributed to Florida-grown varietals. Those familiar with Gran Marnier will quickly recognize the sweet orange flavor that comes from these dried peels. Sweet orange peels can be used as an alternative to bitter orange peel in Belgian witbiers. They can also be used to great effect in holiday beers, or in any beer where a sweet orange flavor is desired.


PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter, 16 oz.

Yep that's right, powdered peanut butter. Why? Well to add to beer without all of the oil of course! Peanut Butter Porter anyone?

Contains nothing but roasted peanuts, sugar and salt. Mix 2 tablespoons of PB2 with 1 tablespoon of water and stir until smooth. Add about 1 lb. to a 5 gallon batch of beer.


Chamomile, 1 oz.

Chamomile has a reputation for being a calming flower that is often made into a tea, either by itself or as part of a blend. It works quite well in beermaking too. Many brewers have made refreshing, delicious chamomile wheat beers for spring and summer, and experimentation with chamomile continues unabated by brewers trying to find just the right brew to add chamomile too. With it's versatility, the possibilities are limitless!


Paradise Seeds, 2 grams

Paradise seeds, also known as grains of paradise, have been used in commercial beers to add unique flavors and aromas to beers. The most famous example of its use is maybe found in Samuel Adams' Summer Ale. Paradise Seeds have been described as earthy, piny, peppery, spicy and citrusy. With such a broad range of descriptions, they may be used in a wide range of beers. Add them to Belgian beers to give an added layer of complexity, or add them to light pale ales or lagers for a unique flavor!


Juniper Berries, 1 oz.

While Juniper berries have the appearance of berries, they are actually cones that have unusually fleshy overlapping scales that give them the appearance of berries. They can contribute very piny flavors and aromas. In heavy beers such as porters, stouts and doppelbocks use 1/2 to 1oz. The flavor blends well with ginger and orange peel as well as licorice root and coriander. They may also be used in heavily-hopped beers such as IPAs or Imperial IPAs and work well in conjunction with more piny American varieties of hops.


Rose Hips, 3 oz.

Rose hips are a very versatile plant product that come from the fruit of the rose plant. They are rich in vitamin C and are used in wine and tea, as well as beer. They can be added to the boil, though some have experimented with adding them to the secondary as well. They add a floral, citrusy character to beer. For a unique flavor in beer try adding them in specialty style beers to impart a fragrant aroma and taste.


Licorice Stick

These licorice sticks are a processed form of licorice, made especially for brewing. Licorice has a high sweetness index, and can add sweetness and body in addition to the licorice flavor. Licorice sticks can be used in the production of dark beers such as porters and stouts, but may be also used in other styles such as doppelbocks and Belgian dark strong ales. In addition, licorice makes a wonderful addition to holiday and specialty ales.


Lemon Grass, 1 oz.

Lemongrass has been used in southeast Asian cuisine for centuries. It is known for its pleasing lemon and lime flavor and aroma that is soft and delicious. It has recently made its way into beermaking, and works well in Belgian witbiers and wheat beers, as well as to add a subtle citrus character to lighter beers. Usually added at the end of the boil, you may try dry-hopping with lemongrass to give a fresh character to light beers.


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