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Banjo Propane Brewing Burner

Model: B0009JXYQY

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Banjo Propane Brewing Burner at HomeBrewing.com perfect for full boils and all-grain brewing. Get a propane burner designed for homebrewing with the Banjo Propane Brewing Burner.

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  • The Kick A Banjo Outdoor Propane Stove is one of the hottest high pressure propane stoves on the market.
  • This high pressure propane burner includes a 30 PSI regulator kit.
  • The large round burner element kicks out the minimum of 210,000 BTUs.
  • This unit will boil a 120 quart stock pot full of water in no time! It has a 17 inch x 17 inch cooking surface which helps maximize its strong stable design.
Dimensions: 10-inch cast-iron burner
Weight: N/A lbs.
Warranty: N/A
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