Super Transfer Variable Speed Diaphragm Pump (0-3 GPM)

Model: MB_H308

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The perfect pump for use after fermentation.,,Why this is a Great Pump:,,,Self-Priming,,,Heat Tolerant materials to 115°F,,,Speed Control!,,,Gentle Diaphragm Design,,,,Self Priming: This pump is capable of pumping gasses, meaning that pumping does not require priming! This makes transfers between carboys or kegs incredibly easy. Simply put both inlet and outlet hoses in a bucket of sanitizer and run the pump for a minute. You're then good to transfer your beer with your sanitized pump!,,,,PreFilter This pump comes with a built in prefilter. This is something which is almost necessary on diaphragm pumps, as the diaphragm itself is very delicate, and can be ruined by small solids. The prefilter included on this pump will work to keep solids out of the pump, extending the working life of the unit.,,,,Heat Tolerant: All materials used in the construction of the pump tolerate temperatures up to 115°F.,,,,Speed Control: Perhaps the most unique feature is a dial control to adjust flow from 0 to 3 gallons per minute. Use it to send your wort from the kettle to the fermenter, or even after fermentation to send beer through a plate filter (such as our FIL45).,,,,Gentle on your Beer: A diaphragm pump works by moving beer through one pulsating diaphragm into the next. It is a design that is very gentle on the liquid being pumped.,,,,When this pump was first introduced to us a couple years ago, we loved the idea, but had concerns that the speed control would compromise the longevity of the motor. We build much larger pumps (our ChunkyPumps for commercial wineries) and normally you need a $700 frequency drive to control motor speed. However, we kept in touch with the manufacturer and after three years in which he has not had any issues, and after our own testing, we are now sold that the pump performs as promised. The manufacturer does offer a 1 year warranty as well.,,,,This pump comes with 1/2" barbed ports for easy connectivity. Comes with 6' tubing on both sides.,,110 Volts, 0.5 Amp, 60 Hz.

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