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Cornelius Keg - New (2.5 gallon)

Model: MB_KEG419

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High quality Italian made ball-lock, corny style kegs with rubber top and bottom made by AEB in Italy.  The rubber tops are cool because they provide two handles and are easier to stack. These are brand new premium made kegs.  The difference between Italian made and Chinese made kegs is in the craftsmanship. These are best quality kegs available. ,Quality is important because your beer may sit in these kegs for months. If bacteria gets into a bad weld they are going to very hard to kill. Sanitizer may not be able to get into small pockets to kill the bacteria.,Kegs are 15" tall, x 8.25" diameter and weigh 7.5 pounds. This makes them approximately half the size of a 5 gallon keg. They fit pretty much everywhere from coolers to backpacks. These type of kegs are often referred to as corny or Cornelius kegs (the brand who made them originally) or soda kegs because in the past these style of kegs were made to hold soda syrup.,,Max working pressure of 130 PSI., 

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