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Cool Brewing Insulated Fermentation Bag

Model: MB_FE530

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Control your fermentation temperatures with Cool Brewing's simple, yet innovative, insulated fermentation bag. This is the 2nd generation Cool Brew bag, which has made cold fermentations even easier!  Fermenting your homebrew at the right temperature is one of the critical factors in making good beer. Let the temperature get too warm, and your beer will taste 'rough' as the soft malt and vibrant hop flavors dissapear!  Typically an advanced homebrewer would want to get a spare refrigerator or even a MoreBeer!  Cooled Conical to control fermentation temperatures, both those options either take up a lot of space or can cost a fair amount of money.  The Cool Brewing Bag allows the apartment brewer, those who have space constraints, or the brewer on a budget a great option to control fermentation temperature and make great beer.,Cool Brewing's Fermentation Cooler is designed specifically to accommodate standard 6.5, 6 or 5 gallon fermenter. You freeze a 2 liter soda bottle with water, or similar, and place in the fermentation bag with your fermenting carboy.  Also works great with the Ss BrewTech Brew Buckets!,The typical desired ale fermentation range is on average around 62-72° F.  For a typical 5 gallon batch (1) frozen 2-liter bottle should lower wort temperature around 5 degrees, while using (2) 2-liter bottles will lower wort temperature around 11 degrees for 24-36 hours. Of course your exact results might vary but you can adjust the amount of ice you use as you go. The manufacturer has found they can cool the wort temperature up to around a 30-35° drop from ambient room temperature.  On the flipside, add a Fermwrap and temperature controller to the setup, and you've got a heated fermentation temperature accurate to within 1° F!,The Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler is sealed, insulated and 100% waterproof so it will efficiently and neatly keep your temperatures in check.  When you’re done, the Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler easily folds up for storage until the next brew day!, Cool Brew Features:,,,Up to twice as efficient and cleaner then homemade swamp coolers,,,Much less expensive than custom kegorator or keezer set up's that cost $100's of dollars.,,,Cool Brewing Cooler will work with multiple sized fermenters.,,,100% waterproof so will not leave condensation.,,,It folds up for easy storage when not in use or travel.,,,Will work great in condos and warm climates where you need a swamp cooler even for Ale’s!,,,Contains the mess of any fermentation blowouts,,,Inner dimensions: 20.5"D x 25.5"H

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