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Made in the USA from 304 stainless steel, the Brewbuilt AfterBurner is a very sturdy burner that will boil beer quickly and support the largest kettles with ease. Think you might someday get into all-grain brewing? The Brewbuilt Burner is designed to bolt together, via an optional connecting package, with additional BrewBuilt Burners to create your own all-stainless dream stand. Also availabe are optional handle and caster options which allow the single burner, or a connected brew stand, to be moved without straining your back. ,Amazing features for the price,This is a beefy burner that will give you peace of mind while supporting up to 25 gallons of boiling wort. Made from 304 stainless steel it will last a lifetime. The wide-profile burner is strong and efficient, topping our ratings in getting wort to a quick boil, while using the same amount or less of propane. The stainless burner ring offers flame protection and includes a circular hole for lighting. The included 0-10PSI regulator offers good flame control.  The height of 24" is perfect for draining directly into a carboy but is also the perfect height to not be bending over when you are adding hops or grain to a kettle. Plus it is kind of cool that the frame is cut and welded in the USA. Included directions will show you how to adjust the propane valve and air intake to achieve efficiency or speed.  Adjusted for efficiency the Afterburner produces around 70,000 btu and in full AfterBurner mode it produces 100,000 btu. ,Make Your Own Three Burner Brewing System ,But perhaps the best part is how they are designed to bolt together to construct the ultimate stainless brew stand.  Order one now for extract brewing and as your hobby grows your single burner can be built into a three burner horizontal brewing stand.  Or just build a complete stainless brew stand now....for under $1000 you can have three burners, the connecting kits, a handle and casters delivered to your door!,Don't Have Much Room... They Stack!,Wait, there's more. Do you brew in a small space with very little room and don't have space to bolt together a stand? No worries, BrewBuilt burners are also designed to stack. That means you can set up a three burner all grain system in a minute and then store all three in a very small vertical space when done. ,Features:,,,All 304 Stainless Steel Construction,,,Max 100,000 BTU burner,,,Modular system, upgrade down the road to a full BrewBuilt BrewSystem with additional components!,,,Stackable when not in use, saves space in the garage (aka Brewery!),,,0-10 PSI Adjustable Regulator,,,Wind Shield on the burner reduces issues with outdoor windy brews (does not help with leaves falling into boil kettle!),,,Can be upgraded with wheels, handles, or mounted to other AfterBurners to make a full All Grain Brewery,,,24" Tall, 19.5" Length and Width

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