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Pin Lock Kegging System w/Used Keg - Empty CO2 Tank

Model: GF_GF470P


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  • Tired of bottling? Cleaning, rinsing and sanitizing 50+ bottles every time a batch of beer is done fermenting can be a hassle. In fact, it is consistently rated as a home brewer's least favorite part of home brewing. Luckily, there is an alternative...the wonderful world of kegging! By kegging your beer instead of bottling, you only have to worry about getting one big container ready, as opposed to a bunch of bottles. Not only that, but you can force carbonate your beer, eliminating priming sugar and the possibility of bottle bombs. Great Fermentations' Pin Lock Kegging system comes with everything you need to keg and dispense your homebrew!

    Pin Lock Kegging System Includes the Following:
    5 gallon reconditioned pin lock cornelius keg(handle color as well as type can vary between single and dual handle)
    5 lb. used CO2 tank, which comes empty when shipped (as pressurized CO2 tanks cannot be shipped) or full when picked up at the store.
    Taprite dual gauge regulator with shutoff & check valve
    Gas pin lock disconnect with swivel nut set
    Liquid pin lock disconnect with swivel nut set
    Basic Picnic faucet for serving your homebrew
    4 feet of 3/16 in. ID liquid line
    3 feet of 5/16 in. ID gas line
    4 clamps
    Tapi Into Kegging User Manual

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Weight: 20 lbs.
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