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  • Tired of hop and break material ending up in your fermenter, and not staying in your brew pot where it belongs? Then the HopBlocker from Blichmann Engineering is your answer. Traditional screen filters draw from the bottom of your brew pot, where they immediately suck hops and break material into the screen, where they plug up. With Blichmann Engineering's HopBlocker, you can filter out up to 90-95% of this material without plugging! The secret is in their unique two-stage filter design. The first part of your wort that is above the hop sediment is drawn through a coarse filter. Next, the wort that is at the bottom of your pot goes through the fine filter, which can simply be activated by lifting up the hook on the HopBlocker. While the HopBlocker was specifically designed to complement the BoilerMaker brew pots from Blichmann, it can be installed in any manufacturer's pot or keg.

    Note: For best results, after your boil has completed, stir vigorously to create a whirlpool in your brew pot, and then allow 15-20 minutes for the hop and break sediment to settle neatly in a pile at the bottom. For use with pellet hops only. Whole/leaf hops will plug the HopBlocker. If using whole hops, place them in a large muslin grain bag.

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