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  • Get started brewing like the pros, with the FastFerment Beer Starter Kit, complete with the extra gadgets and gizmos you need for fermentation! Professional breweries use conical fermenters to ferment their beer. The cone-shaped bottom of the fermenter allows trub and sediment to collect in the bottom where it is easily drained, and both primary and secondary fermentation can be done in the same vessel without the need for awkward racking and transferring!

    FastFerment Beer Starter Kit Includes the Following:
    Fast Ferment conical fermenter
    Double lever capper
    4 oz. bottle of Star San
    Triple-scale hydrometer for taking sugar readings and calculating alcohol
    Plastic spoon
    Bottle brush
    Dual scale stick-on liquid crystal thermometer.

    In addition to this kit, you'll need the following items:

    • Brewing Ingredients! We have over 60 Beer Ingredient Kits to choose from, with tons of different styles (and clones) available. Click here to see the list
    • Brew Pot (this is needed on brew day). You can use a stock pot from home. We recommend at least a 5 Gallon Pot.
    • A heat source. This could be as simple as your stovetop and as awesome as a propane gas outdoor burner. If using your stovetop, natural gas is the preferred option, but an electric stovetop will work.
    • Roughly 48 pry off, 12oz. beer bottles and bottle caps.
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