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Danstar Abbaye Belgian Ale Yeast

Danstar, makers of high-quality dry yeast, have come out with Abbaye, a wonderful Belgian dry yeast strain, perfect for doing all your Belgian and trappist-style ales! Particularly good for use in the production of high gravity Belgian ales such as dubbels, trippels, and quads. However, it can be used to make almost any Belgian-style ale! Abbaye mimics a lot of trappist-style yeasts, being highly attenuative, low flocculating and producing the fruit esters and spicy phenolic compounds that are often associated with beers from Belgium. Alcohol-tolerant, Abbaye can ferment high gravity worts thoroughly in a short amount of time, producing beers of excellent quality. An extended aging time will lead to a clearer finished beer. For those brewers who simply love big Belgian beers, Abbaye is a wonderful dry alternative!


Safbrew S-33 High ABV Ale Yeast

S-33 from Fermentis is a generally neutral ale strain with a high alcohol tolerance. Despite this, it is generally a low attenuating yeast, which can be used to good effect when beers with a good mouthfeel that lay long on the palate are desired. It produces mild esters, which can be softer and less dominant than some strains, especially Belgians. It is a good strain to use for many specialty and trappist beers. Underpitching this yeast can stress the yeast, creating more fruity esters and making beers come off as having more of a "Belgian" character than those pitched at higher rates. It is a low flocculating yeast that stays in suspension, and may require a longer time for clarification.

Beer Styles: General Ales, Specialty Ales, Fruit Beers, Witbier.


Danstar Belle Saison Yeast

Belle Saison yeast from Danstar is a great dry yeast alternative for making all kinds of saisons and Belgian ales. It is highly attenuative and has a high alcohol tolerance, making it suitable for saisons and high gravity Belgian ales alike. As with many Belgian strains, Belle Saison is considered to have low flocculation properties. An extended primary fermentation and/or fining can be utilized in order to help beers clear properly. This strain produces wonderful fruity esters and spicy phenols that work well in Belgian ales, and production of both of these can be manipulated with fermentation temperatures. It is known to start quickly and to ferment vigorously, so be prepared with extra headspace in the primary and blowoff equipment. This yeast yields beers of very high quality, and comes highly recommended!

Beer Styles: Belgian Blond Ale, Belgian Dark Strong Ale, Belgian Dubbel, Belgian Golden Strong Ale, Belgian Specialty Ale, Belgian Trippel, Bière de Garde, Saison.


Red Star Premier Cuvee

A fast, clean, and neutral fermenting yeast that has a high tolerance to alcohol and can be used in wide temperature range. The go-to yeast for champagne and sparkling wines. It can also be used to help restart stuck fermentations.

Ideal Temp Range: 45-95F (7-35C) | Alcohol Tolerance: 18% | Flocculation: Low


Red Star Pasteur Blanc (Champagne)

Pasteur Blanc (formerly Pasteur Champagne) is one of the best strains to avoid sluggish fermentation and to restart stuck fermentations with residual sugars, thanks to its ability to assimilate fructose and to resist to alcohol. Helps to confer body and roundness to wines, and promotes the development of fresh and clean aromas. Well suited yeast for Cabernet, Cider, Dry Whites, Fruits, Meads, and Port.

Ideal Temp Range: 59-86F (15-30C) | Alcohol Tolerance: > 16% | Flocculation: Medium-Low


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