Brewing Thermometers

Measuring and testing supplies for all your homebrewing needs. Get the exact measurements of your beer and your wine made at home. Measuring and testing your temperature per batch will help you recreate recipes and will help you troubleshoot off-flavors and undesirable characteristics.

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24 Inch Long Stemmed MASH Thermometer - Thermoworks

Long stem digital thermometer from THERMOWORKS

Excellent tool for mash tuns and carboys

IP66/67 waterproof rating

12 or 24 inch heavy duty SS probe

MIN/MAX memory


Splash-Proof Thermapen MK4 Thermometer

Home brewers know the importance of having a good digital thermometer

Control the temperature of actively fermenting wort

Major impact on the flavor of the finished beer

Perfect for monitoring the heating and cooling process of fermenting wort

The fast and accurate temperatures give you real-time readings


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