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Fermtech Double Blast Bottle Washer

Fermtech has done it again! The double blast bottle washer sits in your sink, attached by a length of tubing to the faucet. This eliminates stress caused by washers that mount directly on your faucet. Wash not one, but two bottles at a time! It also includes an attachment made especially for cleaning and rinsing carboys. This has the same garden hose fitting as the jet washer and immersion chiller, so a metal faucet adapter may be required for proper size adjustment when attaching to a sink.


Metal Faucet Adapter

This is a simple metal faucet adapter that works on most faucets. It can adapt from the standard sized fitting to a garden hose style fitting, and is most often used with the Jet Carboy and bottle washer, as well as copper immersion chillers that have a garden hose adapter. Simply hook this up to the sink, then hook up your device and start going! A lot easier and much more convenient than having to work around your outdoor garden spigot!


Jet Carboy & Bottle Washer

The Jet Carboy & Bottle Washer is a convenient device for cleaning and rinsing even the toughest grime from bottles and carboys. Simply attach to a sink or water source and press the bottle or carboy against the lever. Compressed water will shoot out the spigot, rinsing the inside with a jet of pressurized water. A metal faucet adapter may be required for proper size adjustment when attaching to a sink.


Bottle Rinser Vinator Sulfiter

A great way to sanitize bottles quickly and easily.

This unit will squirt a sanitizing solution into a bottle and then collect the solution for reuse.

Just squirt bottle 3-4 times and put bottle on tree to dry.

The fastest way to sanitize bottles.


Bottle Washer Blast Single

Great for rinsing bottles & siphon hose.

Press down to rinse, lift to stop.

Easy on plumbing.

Hot or cold water.